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Healthiest & High Quality Mattresses in Perth

We are continually striving to manufacture and deliver the healthiest & highest quality Australian made mattress.


Breathable Foam

Supportive Memory Foam

Designed to support your unique perfect sleep posture

With an Ultimate Beds mattress, you will sleep in total comfort because it is built and designed to support your unique perfect sleep posture. All Ultimate Beds mattresses incorporate our innovative ‘Ultimate Air Flow’ design with vertical and horizontal zoning to ensure perfect spinal posture, whilst keeping you cool and dry.

A breakdown of our mattresses

Connection of nature and modern sleeping

Even if you don’t have a back problem, Ultimate Beds are a healthier way to sleep because we avoid the use of materials that collapse, impart chemical toxicity or act as an EMF antenna, factors we believe may cause longer term health problems.

Our mattresses are made from unique combinations of Australian-made non toxic breathable premium and viscous foams which are approved by the National Asthma Council, Australia and Good Environmental Choice, Australia.

World Leading Innovation

When you buy an Ultimate Beds product you can sleep easy knowing that you benefit from world leading innovative design and manufacturing techniques, and the highest possible quality materials.

Ultimate Beds are designed and manufactured in a way that considers the long term impact of your health and the environment.

Superior Comfort & Quality

Promotes Perfect Posture

100% Australian Made & Owned

Icon Asthma

Asthma Council Approved

Covers made from 100% Organic materials

Up to 10 Years Warranty

Our customers love us! Read a range of our 5 Star customer reviews on Google and Product Review

Ultimate Beds Logo

Factory and Showroom

6b Lakeway Street,
Claremont 6010
Perth, Western Australia

Phone: (08) 9384 7788
Email: contact@ultimatebeds.com.au

Showroom Hours

Monday to Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: Appointment Only
Closed Public Holidays

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Proudly Australian Made and Owned
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Mattress Sizing


  • King = 203cm X 183cm,
  • Queen = 203cm X 153cm,
  • Double = 187cm X 137cm,
  • King Single = 203cm X 106cm,
  • Long King = 203cm X 92cm,
  • Single = 187cm X 92cm

What initial firmness is right for me?


  • Suitable for side sleepers
  • Sinks in slightly while being supportive
  • Approximate 6/10 firmness rating
  • Suggested Weight Range 40kg to 80kg


  • Suitable for back sleepers
  • Approximate 8/10 firmness rating
  • Still feels cloud like while maintaining a strong level of support
  • Suggested Weight Range 70kg to 110kg

Half medium, half firm

  • A different firmness on either side of the bed
  • Ideal for couples who have different firmness preferences
  • Feel free to contact us for consultation / custom fitting.